A landing page is the most important page of a website. It is the page where the visitor is most likely to visit. This page plays a key role in developing leads and converts them into potential customers. 

What Are The Landing or Squeeze Pages?

The landing page is called as destination page or squeeze page as it lands the customers to the defined specific URL where the company intends them to land. Landing page have all the relevant information to convert the lead to customer. Your partner SEO GROWUP designs the page with all the relevant information to meet customer satisfaction. The landing page is the tool to gather the customer information who will eventually convert into a customer.

Landing Page is the Perfect Way For Generating New Leads:

Most of the companies develop landing pages and are considered a valuable tool for lead generation. A landing page should be designed such that customer should retain interest and spend time on your website. They are particularly important when the customer visits the page and intends to buy even before discussing it with the company representative. When a customer is landing page, it means he is interested in the product. An online tool helps in keeping track of the activity in lead generation.